SW Skills 6-8

1. Until the registrar makes a decision about your status, you must stay in an unclassified category.

2. Or the bills can be paid by mail by the first of the month.

3. The parents left a phone number with the baby-sitter in case a problem with the children.

4. The furniture will be delivered as soon it is paid for.

5. Whenever you want to hold the meeting, we will schedule it.

6. The government was overthrown in a revolution, the king has not returned to his homeland.

7. Whereas most of the documents are complete, this form still needs to be notarized.

8. Trash will be collected in the morning, so you should put the trash cans out tonight.

9. It is impossible for the airplane to take off while is snowing so hard.

10. We did not go out to dinner tonight eventhough I would have preferred not to cook.

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